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Challenge yourself.   Let boxing be the means to a different tomorrow.
Old School Boxing is the local boxing gym near you for a different you.

Free training

Boxing isn't for everyone, but let's find out if it could be for you. New to Old School? Your first training session is Free.

Give Back

You can help. We have a non-profit to allow you to give back in many different ways, from financial to volunteer efforts. Get involved.

Who's Next

Update on the latest boxing news in Arizona. Where's the next amateur show, professional fight, who has tickets, is it being streamed?

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Old School boxing Club

Old School Boxing Club established in 2017 to have a simple boxing club that welcomed any person to learn how to box and the benefits of the incredible sport.

Are you interested in learning how to box, defend yourself, increase your overall confidence, lose a couple extra lbs? This could be your gym.
Do you want to compete in amateur boxing shows, USA Boxing, or in amateur regional or national tournaments?  This should be your gym.


OUr Services

We Strive to Provide The Best Service

Boxing isn’t for everyone but we want to provide a means for everyone to learn the greatest sport ever.


1v1 training

You and a Coach, One-on-one training, 1v1


Partner training

You and a friend, up to four people workout with one coach to learn boxing


Group Training

You among many other people workout together with several coaches


amateur fighters

Prepare and compete at the amateur boxing level, USA Boxing


Pro Fighters

Continue the dream and compete at the next level, professional boxer.

Club Boxing (Original)-12

GCU Club Boxing

Grand Canyon's Club Boxing Home Gym

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Our Testimonials

What they saY

Brian Crews
Brian Crews
Thee best boxing gym around! 🥊An excellent environment with experienced coaches who are personable to each person who enters the gym. Whether you’re looking for a change to your workout, lose weight, or wanting your child to try something new. Come and have fun and learn/participate at your own pace. 💯🥊
John Vargas
John Vargas
Great boxing team!
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Sanchez
I have 4 Kids going to this gym for 2 years and they love it..
Kurt Trennepohl
Kurt Trennepohl
Awesome 👌 👏 👍!!!!!
Raul M
Raul M
This gym is not your typical gym. From day one they make you feel like family. If you’re looking to take your boxing game to the next level or looking to get in the best shape of your life without sugar coating the process this is your place.

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