Old School Boxing Gym

Affordable gym costs

One-on-one Training

starting at $200/month

You and a coach

In our one-on-one training, we will get you in the best shape of your life and/or prepare you for the biggest fight of your life. Learning from the basic footwork to competing in the ring, we will help you get there. First Session is FREE. Begin training two times a week, 60 minute sessions.

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Open Gym


Get in, get out. Perfect for those that already have a coach or have routine and know your way around a boxing gym. Engage your mind and build up your endurance as you work at your own pace at your own time. We provide the equipment – you provide the effort.

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Group Training

$150 / month

GROUP Training  is FULL

We are not accepting new members for our Group Training Boxing Class. Great for kids and adults alike. With goals and methods designed to improve coordination and instill confidence, Boxing is modern art for all. You’ll have more endurance and be able to protect yourself and have fun with others doing it. Submit your name and phone number with notes to be added to Group Training waiting list.

Not sure program is right for you?