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Sergio "checo" rodriguez

10-0-1 & 8 KOs

Boxer Stats

Birth Name:Sergio Leon Rodriguez
Residence:Phoenix, Arizona USA
Birth Place:Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico


12-02-2023W . TKO 2:52 Rd1
Miguel Zamudio
Celebrity Theatre
Ironboy 70
10-07-2023W by UD
DeAundre Pettus
Celebrity Theatre (AZ)
Ironboy 69 (co-main)
08-12-2023TKO RD 2
Eduardo Ayala
TopRank / ESPN
Desert Diamond Arena
05-06-2023TKO RD 1
Javier Barajas Escarcega
Celebrity Theatre (AZ)
Iron Boy 65
11-18-2022TKO RD 2
Daniel Augare
Celebrity Theatre
Iron Boy 63
09-30-2022KO 1:17 RD 1
vs Bernard Thomas
Celebrity Theatre
Iron Boy 62
09-01-2022W-UD. 4 Rd
Roberto Yong
07-30-2022KO 1:48 Rd 1
vs David Rodrigo
04-29-2022KO 1:50 Rd 2
vs Nicholas Rhoads
09-18-2021TKO 1:08 Rd 1
Tommy Stephens
06-24-2021D - TD 0:17 Rd1
Corey Cook

Photos from Ironboy 70

Photos from Ironboy 69

Photos from Ironboy 65

Photos from Ironboy 63


10.07.23 Sergio Rodriguez vs DeAundre Pettus (full fight)

08-11-2023 Weigh-ins vs Ayala

08-10-2023 Press Conference - Rodriguez vs Ayala

9-30-2022 KO of Bernard Thomas

Post Fight Interview with Johnny, AAB

7-30-2022 KO of David Rodrigo

Behind the Grind, Checo Time, 10 Count Media promo E1

Behind the Grind, Checo Time 10 Count Media promo E2

07-30-2022 After Iron Boy 60

04-29-2022 KO of Nicholas Rhoads

Interview with All Around Boxing


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