Old School Boxing Gym


Amateur USA Boxing Sanctioned Event

Saturday, April 15 2023

Old School Showdown

@ Sunnyslope High School

There are many opportunities for sponsorship  this weekend, for our show on Saturday, April 15, Old School Showdown.  

You can contribute $100 and up for sponsorship for the Old School Showdown.  Sponsorship contributions go to help pay for the following items needed to put on a good boxing show for everyone. Sponsorship opportunities for the USA Boxing show are broken down by the following.

  • Sanction Event
  • Renting of the Venue 
  • Renting of the Boxing Ring
  • Awards for the boxers, teams
  • Officials and Doctor Cost, travel expense, stipends, rooms, food, drinks
  • Food and Drinks for Volunteers
  • Drinks for Boxers and coaches
  • Live Streaming Video
  • etc…

Our April 15  Show has some great sponsors…

  • Taco Boys
  • The Vig
  •  Chill
  • Ross Outdoors
  • PWR Lift
  • Ascended Arts Podcast


Old School Showdown Sponsorship
Old School Showdown sponsorship opportunity is a great chance to support an event in your area like the Old School Showdown Boxing Show, in exchange for marketing benefits and brand exposure. Complete the form below to support amateur boxing.
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Any help is appreciated and always put toward helping our kids get a chance to compete. Thank you.
Sponsorships start at $100