Couper behind the camera

Couper is in the House! 

Last Friday Night, Iron Boy threw their 63rd professional boxing show at the Celebrity Theatre on November 18 2022.  On the IB63 card, Sergio “Checo” Rodriguez was the co-main event, where he fought and won his 6th professional fight.  Sergio “Checo” Rodriguez is becoming a fan favorite on the Iron Boy cards and for good reason, his fights are exciting and guys are getting put on the canvas.  His fan base has grown over the last six and a half months where Checo has been 5-0 with 4 KOs.   

Iron Boy 63 is the last professional boxing show of 2022 in Phoenix Arizona.  For each show Old School boxers have a fight we like to partner with those that love boxing as we do and enjoy getting involved in the sport.  Content media is incredibly important these days to tell a story, to build a brand, to be in front of your fans. All Around Boxing, FrankiesPhotos, Twin Flames are just a couple of partners providing boxing media content that have helped us out with video and photography to capture the spirit of these athletes.  

Iron Boy 63 was no different. The usual suspect were there at ring side, All Around Boxing, providing the social media for Iron Boy Promotions, FrankiesPhotos providing pictures and TwinFlames providing video and photography.  Another young man found himself amongst these experienced veterans of capturing the sport, and his name is Couper Schwartz.  Couper was providing a look at the sport through his eye in the way of photography.  Old School Boxing asked if he would like to get some up close and personal experience of taking photographs of a professional boxing show.  Couper agreed and got him to see what he could do with a camera. 

Couper did an amazing job the night of Iron Boy 63 for his first time ever photographing a professional boxing event.  He did a great job of capturing the essence of the evening and the young men and women involved in the sport.  

Couper is not your normal photographer, he’s not even a teenager. Couper Schwartz is.a 12 year old, 7th grader playing 3 sports, lacrosse, basketball and volleyball.  Couper is an avid sports fan and loves the stats, so much so he has two podcasts – Two Guys in a Room Sports Podcast @twodudesinaroomsportspodca4946 and Coup’s Sports @coupssports on @YouTube. 

Give it up for Couper! 

We hope that you enjoy his photos as we do and hope to see more from young man as it looks like he has some talent. 

We also want to continue to provide people with an opportunity to get involved in this great sport. Hit us up, there’s always opportunities and partnership that we can make happen. 

Thanks Coup! You did amazing sir! 

Photo Credit: Couper Schwartz

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