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will be partnering with Old School Boxing to help provide gear to many of our community.  

Elite Sports Headgear as seen here, will be put to the test in the hot summer gym and our rugged boxers.   We want to thank Elite Sports for making this happen and hope to be the start of a great partnership.

The following is from Elite Sports about boxing headgear … 

The sport of Boxing is most known for its headgear but boxing headgear plays an important role in sparring for numerous martial arts forms. During training, striving for a knockout is never what a fighter wants. Safety gear like headgear is used to make sure that fighters can take the time to develop their technique against a live opponent while reducing the risk of injury. Even in competition fights most Amateurs in Boxing and Muay Thai wear headgear to protect themselves. Like no other sport, the art of fighting is dangerous and the risk of injury is not to be ignored. If you are planning to get into the ring any time in the near future, do not do so without picking up your own Elite Sports Headgear.

Safety is the most important thing in any sport, especially in combat sports. Boxing headgear is a padded helmet, worn on the head by contestants in amateur and Olympic boxing. It effectively protects against cuts, scrapes, and swelling, and reduces the intensity of a strike. The best boxing headgear will reduce the impact of a hit by 40-60% which is ideal especially when training or sparring. Sparring is important because it allows you to use the techniques you’ve learned and put them into action, one must practice over and over again in order to master something. Sparring allows you to get out that energy and incorporate the new techniques you’ve learned. So headgear is vital to improving one’s skills because it will keep you and your opponent knocked out or badly injured before the actual fight.

Without headgear, you will most definitely get hit in various parts of your head such as your nose that can very easily become dislocated permanently as you’ll be able to see on veteran boxers who have what’s called “saddle nose”. Another famous one is the permanent deformation of the ears. This is commonly known as “cauliflower ear”. The ear takes up a deformed shape caused by blunt trauma. With headgear, you and your opponent now have the opportunity to turn up the aggression and intensity and go at it with all you got because of the headgear that leaves a psychological effect of a security blanket. A security blanket that leaves you more willing to take hits and deliver strikes yourself. When it comes to competition or sparring boxing headgear, don’t just look for any generic type, and look for one that you know will offer an adequate amount of security and visibility. One that will not rip or become loose on your head. When it comes to essential gear like this, it’s important to put your health over worrying about cost. 

Elite Sports headgear are top-notch protective head guards that will protect you from even the most intense adrenaline filled sparring and training sessions. Carefully constructed out of heavy duty PU leather that is reinforced with protective foam with total shock absorption for ultimate protection and longevity. Our protective combat gear is designed to naturally wrap around the shape of your head to offer premium comfort. Regardless of your head space and size, our headgear’s adjustability will adapt along with fitting snugly and securely with its sturdy velcro closure strap. Featuring cheek protector for added security, our headgear will provide optimal safety whilst allowing for full visibility. Our headgear is designed to withstand the test of time and the constant abuse through long periods of time without compromising its structural and cosmetic integrity. This headgear isn’t only just limited to boxing but is also suitable for MMA, kickboxing, Muay thai, and combat sports alike. 

Elite sports offers a variety of colors and designs for different tastes and personalities. You will have the option of the more rounded star series headgear line that boasts our elite brands logo at the forehead along with a cool all-around design. Our standard series boxing headgear offers a more prominent forehead with a less rounded build. Also featuring our brand’s vibrant logo at the forehead. color options for these 2 different styles of headgear vary from orange, yellow, brown, blue, black, gray, pink, and red. So if you want to be the best, you must wear the best, and wearing the best means wearing Elite Sports.

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