DelSol Recap from 08-03-2022

Old School Professional Boxing update from DelSol Promotions 

at Glendale Civic Center in Glendale Arizona on September 3 2022. 

Adrian Suavecito Rodriguez

Adrian “Sauvecito” Rodriguez was the co-main event at the DelSol Promotions Saturday night. Adrian’s second fight of his career was against the veteran in the ring, Michael Gaxiola (4-36).  Adrian started fast against Gaxiola.  Rodriguez would continue his flurry through two rounds and into the thrid before Gaxiola’s corner stopped the contest. TKO win for Adrian “Suavecito” Rodriguez.   

Adrian Rodriguez fights again on November 12

Remaining Fight Results for DelSol Boxing Promotions

In the main event, Danny Barrios Flores from Glendale Arizona, improves his record to 10-0 with a win over 36-year-old Jonathan Lecona Ramos, 18-33-5 from Mexico City. Barrios went the distance with Ramos and would win by unanimous decision, with all three judges scoring the contest 80-72.

Maximus Romeo Castro improved his record to 5-0 against Edson Eduardo Neri (3-6) from  Mexico City.  Neri’s corner would end the contest in the 2nd round of this 4 round bout. Castro wins by TKO.

Joey Ruelas (11-2-1) returned to the ring for the first time since 2016 against Victor Garcia
(1-10).   Ruelas would end this contest in the first round, winning by TKO over Rivera. 

Coby Longoria (3-0) took on  Brad Ragan (2-0).  This contest would end in the 2nd round. Longoria wins this bout by TKO.  

Video Credit: All Around Boxing
Photo Credit: Frankie

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